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So, what are pods?
The service that this webpage is ran from is called "Tripod." Tripod has over a million members, and thought it would be a good idea to offer "pods." "Pod" is the term Tripod uses to describe their online member communities. Pods are created based on themes, topics, or interests that are generally shared by the Pod members. A pod consists of tripod pages with the same theme, or close to the same content. If a person wants to search Tripod for a specific topic, like churches, he can go to the "Christian Fellowship" Pod, and look around. Pods make it easier for people that are looking for a specific thing. It's optional to sign up for a pod, but I chose to.

Why Pods?
Well, why not Pods? Who doesn't want to find interesting people to talk to? Pods are online communities, but it's probably easier to think of them as home base. Pods will grow and change in response to what Tripod members need and want, but they will always have the same goal: to help people find each other, and to give people a place to meet, talk, rant, rave, and discuss the subjects that interest them the most. It's simple, it's easy, and it's only on Tripod!

Who are the Pod Publishers?
A Pod Publisher is a member of a Pod who has created a homepage about the theme of the Pod s/he has joined. There are 'I'm a Member' Pod graphics for your page — show off your membership! Information about how and where to do this is on the 'Add me to this Pod page' in every Pod. Pod Publishers' pages can be original content about the Pod topic, or a collection of great resources that are related to the topic.

Heritage's Website
I've registered this webpage with the "Christian Fellowship" Pod. It won't change anything about the webpage, it just gives us a chance to be grouped with other Christian webpages on Tripod.